Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – President of the Philippines

Pictured above, The President of the Philippines wearing her Quantum Pendant


Jonathan Arellano’s victory propelled him into the top 10 in the United States according to Boexrec.com, which we hold FusionExcel partially responsible ! With the use of FE’s Quantum Pendant and Quantum Flask during his training camp it empowered Jonathan to recover and restore energy quickly. Most importantly during the fight he maintained the same amount of energy from beginning to end never losing a beat. It has been said by reporters that “THIS IS JONATHAN’S BEST FIGHT YET!”. We thank FE for all the love, support & energy ;)

Following you will find many magazines and top boxing websites write-ups about the fight containing action shots from the fight. You will notice FE’s logo come out best with its bright colors and the enlarged company name making it easy to read in all photos taken by the media press and most importantly when it was aired on television. We look forward to a continued and prosperous relationship with FusionExcel!

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Selina & Jonathan Arellano

“US Bantamweight FusionExcel fighter Jonathan Arellano out-boxed Francis Ruiz over six rounds and secured a business-like victory by unanimous decision. In the first, the jab of Arellano (7-0-1) may have been the best punch of the round. Both combatants picked up the pace in the second but largely remained out of reach. An Arellano right hand at the ten second warning brought the crowd to their feet. The fight ended as it began, with both fighters feeling their way around the ring. The judges rewarded Arellano with scores of 59-55, 60-54 & 60-54.”(From Pound For Pound Boxing)

“In a fight between two super quick bantamweights Jonathan Arellano (7-0-1) showed he could fight outside and inside too and out-pointed Dominican Francis Ruiz (9-3, 4 KOs) after six rounds 60-54 twice and 59-55. Ruiz couldn’t stop Arellano’s inside combinations and that was the difference in the outcome. It was Arellano’s best fight yet!”(From David A. Avila, The Sweet Science Dot Com.)

Fuzzy Zoeller and Doug Wilmoth – Golf Legend
I would like to tell you about what happened to me at the PGA Merchandise Show this year. I went there with sore feet caused by high blood sugar. My feet were not getting the proper flow of blood to them for the last 9 months. At supper Paul and Jin gave me a Quantum Pendant to wear around my neck and tested me with every test known to man. After wearing it for about one hour my feet had no pain and the dark color on them was gone and they were pink again. The next morning I walked the entire show floor with no pain. It is going to be great working on the PGA Champions tour this year with no pain in my feet! Thanks to Paul and Jin. Also my friend Fuzzy Zoeller was amazed at how he could turn his back around at the hip and said that this will help him in his golf swing. He says thanks also to Quantum Pendant!.- Doug Wilmoth, PGA Tour Rep

Scott Smith – Current World Long Drive Record Holder 539 Yards
Long Drive Accomplishments:- 2002 Pinnacle Distance Challenge beating John Daly by 36 yards for $100,000- 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 World Finalist- Finished 5th 2005 World Long Drive Championship- Finished 14th 2004 World Long Drive Championship- 2005 District Champion- Current World Record holder of 539 yards in LDA competition (Albuquerque, NM 2005)- Sponsored and trained by Parrillo Performance athlete trainingTraining five days a week, and hitting a thousand balls a week can be hard on the body. After wearing the Quantum Pendant for just a few days, I noticed less pain and fatigue. I have also noticed my swing speed jumped up a few mph on a consistant basis. I have had various pains in my shoulders and elbows since competing on the long drive tour. Since wearing the Quantum Pendant, I have very little problems with any pain. I would recommend the Quantum Pendant for anyone from all walks of life.

Pat Demsey – 2 Times World Long Drive Champion


Accomplishments:– 2007 REMAX World Long Drive Senior Runner Up- 2007 Top 3 Money List LDA Tour Sr. Div- 2007 “UST High Performance Driving Team” Team Captain- 2007 LDA Desert Launch Top 4 Sr. Div- 2006 International Long Drive Sr. Champion- 2005 ALDA Sr. Champion- 2004 LDA Tour Tulsa, OK Sr. Champion- 2004 LDA Tour Rochester, NY Sr. Champion- 2004 Top 3 Money List LDA Tour Sr. Div.- 2002 USA / S. Africa Team Captain- 2002 REMAX World Long Drive Sr. Champion- 2003 & 2002 NorCal Long Drive Challenge Sr. Champion- 2001 World Ranked #6 Long Driver-Open Div.- 2001 Oldest Ranked Finalist in Open Division- 1998 World Ranked #9 Long Driver- Open DivI have always put “hard work” as the single most productive thing one can do to improve their game. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t always go along with the program and it isn’t always 100% when you need it to be. This year I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the “Rock”, better known as Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant. I was tested, and sure enough in the process, having the “Rock”, did make a difference. I’m still a little old fashioned, but it did interest me enough to give it a go, so put it.The REMAX World Long Drive finals is a grueling week of nerves, pressure and having to be at your peak performance at all times, which is not as easy as it looks. But, after looking back on the week, I realized that my concentration level was great, my body recovered 100% every day, and my flexibility and strength was better than normal. Now, was it the “Rock”? Is it all in my head? What’s the difference? Who knows for sure, but it works for me and hasn’t come off my neck. Also, my Mom was with me in Mesquite, and with 2 knee replacements, she has a hard time standing up from a seated position. She asked to see my “Rock”, and you guessed it, she stood straight up with no problems. I don’t know how, but it happened just that way. For some reason it works and that’s all I need to know, besides, it looks good too! – Patrick Demsey

Lance Reader – 2004 Long Drive World Record Holder, Krank Golf Founder and President
Long Drive Accomplishments: – 2004 World Record Drive – 526 yards- 2004 LDA District Qualifier 1st Place- 2003 LDA Long Drive Tour Member- 2003 Buick Open Long Drive Champion- 2003 LDA District Qualifier 1st Place- Krank Golf – Founder and President
I currently compete as a Professional Long Drive Golfer and own Krank Golf. We manufacture custom made driver for golf and long drive. After years of competing in long drive I developed a very sore right elbow tendon. Nothing seemed to get rid of the pain and discomfort. It became almost impossible to compete or even pick up my kids to give them a hug. After trying everything I could get my hands on and nothing relieving my pain, I decided to try the Quantum Pendant. Amazing!Not only was my pain significantly reduced, but also my range of motion was increased. I also noticed as I wore the pendant in competition, my concentration was far more focused and clear. I was more calm and controlled. I ended up winning the long drive event, hitting 427 yards. It always feels good to beat all the young guns in long drive.You see, I’m 44 years old; three years ago I broke the World Long Drive record, hitting 526 yards.Since then, I feel I have slipped a little in distance and accuracy.I believe it is mainly due to nagging injuries and lack of concentration.As far as I can tell the Quantum Pendant has resolved both those issues. I am grateful.Just as a note, every Long Driver on our team has tested ball speed and accuracy with and without the Quantum Pendant on. Every single hitter showed improved numbers with it on. Our testing was done carefully and most of the time without the hitter knowing why they were putting the pendant on. It really was very interesting.

Great News! At the 2011 REMAX World Long Drive Championships, Team Krank finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. Carl Wolter won and Joe Miller ( last year’s winner) finished 3rd. All 6 Finalists were wearing FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant. They all were hitting with the new Krank Golf Rage Black Driver. This is the 7th REMAX World Long Drive Championship for Krank Golf. Huge win for Krank and a great story for FusionExcel!